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  • Relogger/ Launch 32bit version?

    • Product: Relogger Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Botting legion. each day getting error. Launch wow 32bit version? Stop/star in relogger doenst help. 
    Only Close whole relogger and lauch it again helps. The same with Mists of Pandaria. 
    -After launch i see that version is correct and it's x86.

    On another private server relogger dont Type Login and pass at all, waiting forever ( 7.3.5 )
    [D] 01:47:38.455 - Profile 1 dev 10, running task for 90000 minutes.
    [D] 01:47:38.960 - Profile 1 dev 10: Launch Wow.
    [D] 01:47:41.808 - Profile 1 dev 10: Launch WRobot.

    Wrobot is launched, Wow is launched, nothing happens. In relogger - wait after launch 2 / Is Unresponsive 25

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