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    Hi everyone, I would like to give the developer a suggestion. First I wanted to restate that I am a new user in Wrobot, I have used honorbuddy for many years, but with Wrobot I am just a beginner.

    1- All users who use WRobot could generate statistics so that the program itself could give us more information:

    1.1 - Better combinations of talents (combinations that lead to victory in arenas and BG).

    1.2 - What better profile for farm gold, with automatic sharing with the community.

    1.3 - Automatic sharing of all Fight Class used by users with DPS rank and viability (pvp or pve).

    1.4 - A table with all the statistics generated.

    2 - A more powerful profile converter, which could convert the profiles of honorbuddy more reliably, (if this were real the community would grow a lot and for sure more people would buy the WRobot).

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