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  • Vanilla WoW Memory lag?

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    LuaUtils.wrDebug("I am using Auto Shot:" + AutoShootActive());
    LuaUtils.wrDebug("I am using Auto Shot(Lua):" + Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("return IsAutoRepeatAction(" + (SpellManager.GetSpellSlotId(SpellListManager.SpellIdByName("Auto Shot")) + 1) + ")"));

    I've tried printing (wrDebug prints in-game) the checking of Auto Shoot, both with reading from memory
    private readonly uint _wowBase = (uint)Memory.WowMemory.Memory.GetProcess().MainModule.BaseAddress;
    return Memory.WowMemory.Memory.ReadInt32(_wowBase + 0x7E0BA0) > 0;
    and as you can see above with Lua, with Auto Shot on action bar.

    The Lua code, always prints True when auto shoot is active, where sometimes reading from memory prints false (even though it's using auto shot. This causes a lot of flickering with auto shot.

    Is this a bug or?
    If it's not a bug, is there any other way i can read if Auto Shot is active, without having the ability on the action bar?

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    3 hours ago, Droidz said:

    Hello, your offset is probably bad (not safe). I don't know other way. Why you don't want use lua code?

    If i use Lua. I have to have the ability on the action bar.
    None of my other spells needs to be on action bar. ?

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