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  • wierd ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(ID));

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    im hear. near Hope's Landing Teleporter


    Map name MPQ: Argus 1
    My Position: -2931.751, 8803.34, -232.1103, "None"
    My Position Vector: new Vector3(-2931.751, 8803.34, -232.1103, "None")
    My Position XML: <Vector3 X="-2931.751" Y="8803.34" Z="-232.1103" Type="None" />
    My Rotation: 4,698609

    run this code in dev tools

    		var mobID = 125407;
    		var all = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(mobID);
    		var n = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(mobID));
    		Logging.Write("SEARCH ID=" + mobID + " closest_name=" + n.Name + " valid=" + n.IsValid + " dist=" + n.GetDistance );
    		foreach (var a in all)
    			Logging.Write("SEARCH ID=" + mobID + " foreach -> name=" + a.Name + " valid=" + a.IsValid + " dist=" + a.GetDistance);

    get this

    20:15:12 - SEARCH ID=125407 closest_name= valid=False dist=9281,586
    20:15:12 - SEARCH ID=125407 foreach -> name=Маяк озаренных valid=True dist=5,780092

    whats wrong? me or wrobot ?

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    Hello, try to replace line 4 by 

    var n = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(mobID), false);

    Try also to active radar3d to check if is blacklisted


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