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[PAID][WotLK] 1-80 Combat Rogue 1.0.0

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About This File

No refunds - you are purchasing a digital copy of a product.

For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me on Discord. 

Disclaimer: This fightclass only works with the English client. It is possible, that I will add support for more later. The attached file is a high level Sub Rogue fightclass for farming.

Rogues have a lot of abilities you can integrate into a bot in a smart way. Doing so for every ability while not looking obviously like a bot isn't an easy task. This fightclass will hopefully fulfill all your needs.

I highly recommend getting Poisons and creating Instant Poison. The fightclass will use this automatically.

Dynamic Rotation Based Upon Level

  • Uses Backstab/Ambush/Garrote at lower levels and Cheap Shot at higher levels
  • Can be set to always range pull

Situational Spell Usage

  • Will range pull if many enemies are around the target (Throw, Shoot, etc)
  • Pick Pockets Humanoids (yes, it loots too)
  • Evasion/Blade Flurry on multiple enemies
  • Vanish and regen in stealth if you are low HP without Evasion available

Automatic Skill Detection

  • Automatically detects if you learn new spells while leveling, no need to restart the bot
  • No need for anything on your bars either, it will swap spells out itself


PURCHASE NOW - 2 concurrent IPs on one wRobot key - 6.50€


I, the owner and creator of this file, am in no way associated with the wRobot company. By purchasing this file, you agree to the contract of the purchasing website and that alone.


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User Feedback

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i bought this fightclass a few days ago and so far i am level 36 using a private profile of mine and the always staying in Stealth helps not get banned and not having to deal with alliance attacking me over all. yes being in Stealth makes the toon slow but over all no one can see me unless they target me. id recommend this to anyone who wants to level a rogue without problems.

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