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About This File

Hi guys,

I've been leeching off the other profile makers so when I made this one I thought I might as well upload it for others!

This is the first FightClass I've made from scratch and as such I assume there will be bugs and poor implementations of Wrobot mechanics. I would love to try and fix those if you let me know what they are below!

This FightClass is a relatively simple feral druid DPS fight class. I only use it with WRotation but presumably you could use it with a different product if you have it handle movement and such.


What the FightClass does:

Casts Shred any time Clearcasting procs and you are behind your target

Maintains Savage Roar (usually 100% uptime but I'm sure it can drop occasionally)

Casts Swipe if there are two mobs near the mob you are targeting

Casts Rip with 5 CPs if your Rip debuff is not on the target

Uses Mangle (Cat) if the target does not have the Mangle debuff (if someone else casts Mangle, you won't)

Uses Rake if Rake debuff is not on the target

Uses Faerie Fire if the target does not have the Faerie Fire debuff (if someone else casts Faerie Fire, you won't)

Uses Tiger's Fury on CD

Uses Berserk on CD if you are fighting a boss

Spams Shred if it has nothing else to do and you are behind the target to build CPs, if you are not behind the target it will spam Claw


I haven't tested this super extensively but it has done well in a couple dungeons for me on my druid.


Let me know what you guys think!



Changed to spam Mangle (Cat) to build CP if you are not behind target instead of Claw

Uses Swipe (Cat) when Clearcasting procs and there are two mobs near the mob you are targeting instead of Shred

Additionally, I've tested it way more extensively while gearing a druid from fresh 80 to around 6k GS with no issues at all, generally outperforming my GS.


Known bugs: For some reason it won't function in ICC on the Gunship Battle fight, not sure why...


Feral Cat v2.xml

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