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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys, I've been leeching off the other profile makers so when I made this one I thought I might as well upload it for others! This is the first FightClass I've made from scratch and as such I assume there will be bugs and poor implementations of Wrobot mechanics. I would love to try and fix those if you let me know what they are below! This FightClass is a relatively simple feral druid DPS fight class. I only use it with WRotation but presumably you could use it with a different product if you have it handle movement and such. What the FightClass does: Casts
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Just a Cat Feral druid fight class i use. Normal profile is a 1-50 lvling claw / rake / rip / heal. The C# profile is a high lvl feral druid (uses mangle / Omen / faerie fire) Both should keep MoTW and Thorns up at all times. Will break Cat form to cast regrowth when at 40% and will cast rejuvenation if out of combat, moving, and not at 100% health. Will attempt Maim if target is casting. Not fully fleshed out yet. will add skills as my druid progresses V1- Druid skills up to lvl 24. V2- added higher level skill support (XML)
  3. Version 1.1.0


    Use the recommendations from Icy-Veins. Talent ( 3, 1 ,2 or 3 ,3 ,3 ,2 ,1 ). DONT USE this in RAIDs !!! It's not tested in dungeons. Selfheal is used, if talent 45:3 is selected. Will not be used while your role is tank. If you want more DPS then heal, take talent 45:2. (Cat form will be used, if target not targetting you, and Energy is 100. Bear form will be used if Energie lower 35 or the target targetting you) Maul is optional and off per default Growl is optional and off per default It's version 1.0 . Test it and report your suggestions.
  4. Version 1.0.1


    It's my first own created fightclas but work well. The druid is all the time buffed up.(Marks of the wild and Thorns) Heal herself with Rejuvenation and Regrowth at 35%. Use Cat Form and pull enemys with Faerie fire. Use Rip if Combo Points bigger than 3 and target healt percent are bigger than 65. If smaller than 65% he use Ferocius bite at 4 or more combo points. If smaller than 25% he use Ferocius bite at 3 combo points or more. Of course use the profil rake and claw. And Comment if I can do somethings better. Sorry for the bad english ;)
  5. Version 0.7


    First of all credits to Howlofterror (I used his Fight Class and updated it) I used her Fight Class and updated it If you have suggestions, just comment and i see what i can do :) Cat Form: - Feral Charge - Mangle - Rake - Claw - Rip - Ferocious Bite - Tigers Fury - Faerie Fire - Barkskin - Shred (using it pretty rarely, because of the way Mobs are targetting, but still a nice gimmick) Deleted because of a bug - Maim as kick - Savage Roar Bear Form / Dire Bear Form (When 3 or more Attackers):
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