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Feral-DPS [Bear] [No Bear] [Dungeon][Instance] 0.7

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About This File

First of all credits to  Howlofterror (I used his Fight Class and updated it)

I used her Fight Class and updated it

If you have suggestions, just comment and i see what i can do :)


Cat Form:

- Feral Charge

- Mangle

- Rake

- Claw

- Rip

- Ferocious Bite

- Tigers Fury

- Faerie Fire

- Barkskin

- Shred (using it pretty rarely, because of the way Mobs are targetting, but still a nice gimmick) Deleted because of a bug

- Maim as kick

- Savage Roar


Bear Form / Dire Bear Form (When 3 or more Attackers):       

- Enrage

- Demoralizing Roar

- Frenzied Regeneration

- Survival Instincts

- Maul

- Swipe (Bear)  Suggestions appreciated

- Berserk


Normal Form (Heal):

- Using Predator's Swiftness with Healing Touch and Regrowth

- Healing Touch as it self when low

- Regrowth

- Rejuvenation

- Mark of the Wild

- Thorns

- Innervate


Class Skill Tauren:

- War Stomp


I am still improving it while grinding and questing with this Profiles and Plugins:  

WOTLK Horde 13-60 questing profile by  betterSister

Move During Combat 1.1 by  Droidz

58 - 67 Outland 1.0.0 by  colderpotato (delete the NPC in the .xml file and works for Horde flawlessly)


What's New in Version 0.7   See changelog


Removed Shred, because the bot sometimes got the wrong position

Changed a lot in the healing section in "without Bear" because it changed forms a lot. (Need feedback here)

Changed some small things in "Dungeon/Instance"


It is getting better and better :wub:




I need feedback guys, what can i do better, are you happy with this? 


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