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About This File

This is a PvP orientated Elemental Shaman Fight class made by me (ThatOneGuy), I used it mostly for Battlegrounds as this is where it works best. Some of its key features include....

  • Auto Trinket important CCs longer than 4 seconds (Every Man for Himself if Alliance, or Medallion of the Horde if Horde)
  • Check immunity before launching every spell (Spell Reflection, Grounding, Divine Shield, etc..)
  • Auto Dispel Friends from CCs (On/Off in options) (Announces in chat what is trying to do for example "Dispelling Fear from Bob", only visible to you)
  • Attempt to kick all casts. (Using Wind Shear or Thunderstom if near casting target)
  • Uses Call of the elements to summon totems (Please setup the totems to be as shown - SsT, ToW, MsT, WoaT)
  • Heals out of combat.
  • Smart heals in combat (Only heals if it knows it can win)
  • Uses frost shock to stop runners.
  • Will use ghost wolf for mobility.
  • Intelligent bursting only on winnable fights.
  • Will use thunderstorm to "yeet" melee away from you.
  • Uses Grounding Totem to prevent casts on you (Works really well with Shear! Almost impossible to lose a 1v1 vs a caster)
  • Decent PvP rotation, has no issues in battle grounds.
  • And more...

Big thanks to ScripterQQ as I used his Dispell, Trinket and Immunity checks. Really helps this fight class!

Well... Thats about it, be sure to let me know about your experiences with this fight class, I don't guarantee I'll be able to fix anything (As I no longer have a sub to wrobot) but if enough people enjoy this fight class maybe I'll get another sub and possibly make some more fight classes in the future.

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