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KevinVapes - Alani-Mount/Skyshard Farm 1.1

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About This File

Good day fellas!

This is my first release of a profile i made. Its about farming the Alani-Mount, either for yourself, or for selling it to group-members.

First let me tell you a little bit about the idea:

Since the pre-patch for WoW:Legion, Blizzard introduced us to "Perso-Loot". This means every player will have his own loot - no seperations anymore. You remember when you were playing with a buddy in a group and you got to loot only every second mob? Those times are over. Everyone loots always his own stuff. 

Now we take a look at Alani.

Alani is a big red dragon flying across the valley of eternal blossoms. She has a respawn-time for about seven hours. Unfortunately you cant just attack her, due to her stormshield. You will need a skycrystal to remove this shield to attack her. A skycrystal is made out of 10 skyshards, which drop from every mob in the valley of eternal blossoms, with about 0,1 -1,00% droprate. If you kill Alani - she will drop herself to 100% as mount. Now, because of perso-loot you can form a party with 4 people and EVERYONE will get to loot Alani. Since you will be the only one with the skycrystal - able to remove her shield, you are the VIP and can start to sell Alanikills for gold! Note: I did not try this when in a raid! If that was possible you could sell Alani to 39 People!

About the Profile:

You will start in front of the shrine of two moons at the ground (under the flying master) and start the profile. Many people try to farm for skyshards nowadays. My profile will bring the bot to two hotspots farming Guo-Lai Mobs where you rarely find any other players, but with a lots of fast respawning mobs there. Its a little camp. There your character will grind all day looking for skyshards, getting a lot of items, gold and more important Guo-Lai-Chest keys! If he needs to sell or repair there is a vendor in the profile also.

Good side-effects:

-You will get a lot of Guo-Lai-Chest keys. You can use them in the halls of Guo-Lai. There is a high chance you will find skyshards in the chests. Also everytime you open a chest 22-40 gold is yours! (After a few hours i always have 60-80 keys!!!)

-Alot of items you farm there go away in the AH for good gold! Check you AH on your realm!

-I sell Alani kills to 15-25K gold per person (x4 thats a total of max. 100k gold per kill)

-Lots of cloth!


-Dont use flying-mount (I did not test it) Ground-mount is fine though.

-I have search-radius to 70

-Sometimes (very rarely) the bot can get stuck in one of the tents standing around there. Bot always manages to get outthere safely after a few seconds, but i also had logouts due to too much blockages. I dont know how to fix it, because it happens so rarely and as i am using relogger i dont mind it much.

-I recommend using relogger for logouts after a few hours. The farmspot is not that big and i find it to obvious farming 8 hours nonstop in this area. I use it for 2 hours farming and 30 minutes break.

-I know the Screenshot i loaded up shows my map in german - get over it, or use google! Tried my best to use english names in this description.

Since this is my first profile, and in my eyes it is nothing big or special, please report any bugs to me, i will try to take care of.

Have Fun!



What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


-Added Paths instead of Hot-Spots

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Good range but it gets stuck in a tent every 2 minutes

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Read my description. Its mentioned there. I dont know how to avoid the tents. 

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