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Botter anti-botter

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Someone from this community is likely to shoot video and report other bots on Northdale. One of his characters 'Lickmycrits'
He writes that he shot the video and all that. Then he asks what profile and asks about scripts MoveDuringCombat
So be careful.

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This is common thing, yeah. Just report him back. Constantly, like once a day.

Also for him. Prices will not go up with you reports, there are always more then you are able to report. But when you help GMs to ban bots, there is higher chance then they will come for yours next (just because there will be less tickets to delay them from doing that). The more work to do they have, the better. If there will be not much tickets they may start to patrol, just because they are bored, and when they patrol, nothing will save you, especially if your bots are the only one that left.

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