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Part Combat, not switching from combat target to heal party


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I've noticed that my druid will not switch from the target he is attacking to cast rejuvenate on a party member.  I'm using xml.  (i'm not very good with any of the code).  


so basically what happens is party member #1 gets low hp, the druid is attacking the same mob, the druid casts the heal on himself.  after combat ends, the druid heals the party member.

Druid 1+ (TEST PARTY).xml

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6 hours ago, Matenia said:

You can't create party fightclasses with the XML editor afaik. But also, if this is about vanilla - you need to cancel cat form before casting anything else

@Matenia It seems to be working in party mode other than this one issue i'm having, they attack and assist like they're supposed to with xml so far.  Is this the one issue with xml (not being able to switch to a party member in combat?)? I haven't included cat form or any other form so far.

Oh almost forgot to include this, if I switch the druid to healer mode, he does everything as far as healing like he's supposed to do.  It just seems like i need stop combat when he notices low hp party members.  I'd love to learn how to write a code for that.



Thanks so much for the help so far @Matenia

What language do you have to write it in or preferred? Whatever it is, do you have a link for beginners to learn it?


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