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Pathing Vanilla Searing Gorge


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got constantly issues with several profiles when leveling in searing gorge. Everytime the bot is in "ToTown" state and wants to move up to Thorium Point he will run against the rocks/walls in front of Thorium Point endless. He won't take the path up and when I manually walk him up he seems to have problems finding the NPCs up there.
I tested this with multiple profiles and my pathing is always working fine in all other regions except this area around Thorium Point. Any suggestions?

24 Sep 2018 09H57.log.html

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58 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Problem is your settings, use this plugin: PathFinderRequestTimeoutMs.cs 

Or remove folder settings.

Deleted Settings, now running on default ones and got the plugin active, bot is still running agaist rocks/walls of Thorium Point when trying to get to the repair.

24 Sep 2018 12H10.log.html

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