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Getting stuck in environment


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Is there a good way to make the bot not get stuck in the environment?

One really annoying area is the class trainer building in Razor Hill. It has 4 braziers in it. I get stuck in them all the time, I tried adding small blacklisted spot on them and it still goes straight through them both to go to trainer and bag vendor and to go out. Normally it can unstuck itself but this time it tried to unstuck itself 7 times and kept getting stuck so I stopped the bot.

When I set blacklisted spots it also makes the pathing go really out of the way, if I set a 5yd blacklist then it tries to go something like 20yd away from it (it makes it look so stupid when it basically goes in a large C shape to go around the blacklisted spot).

It feels like I have to do a lot of the pathfinding myself (for razorhill maybe I should record a path of me going into and out of the trainer building and only enter it with code).

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wManager.Wow.Helpers.PathFinder.OffMeshConnections.Add(new wManager.Wow.Helpers.PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(-8857.249, 538.4138, 106.2859), new Vector3(-8842.317, 550.2717, 96.78889) { Action = "lua: print('gg')" } }, -1) { TryToUseEvenIfCanFindPathSuccess = true, Type = wManager.Wow.Helpers.PathFinder.OffMeshConnectionType.Unidirectional });


or use thiso n ur profile with runcode

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