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I was away for a week due to work I come back to see a Wrobot classic update. So I updated it, got the new HMP update and launch the bot. For some reason now it spams my chat with you are afk, you are no longer afk and I mean by the dozens not just once or twice we are talking 12-20 times in a matter of 5 seconds. My guy now just randomly sits and stands out of no where he will be running then sits and stands right back up. I've also been having the swimming issue again where he seems to be tapping W instead of holding it.

I have no add-ons turned on, I have 60hz refresh enabled and forced through Nvidia on the monitor the bot and game are running, I have Vsynce turned on, running windowed mode 1080p. The issues started once the update everything was working just fine beforehand

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