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Spirit Healer

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For some reason every time my bot dies he goes to spirit healer. This option is turned OFF in settings.

I did have it turned on but i turned it off again and ever since it wants to use spirit healer regardless of setting.

I dont have any addons activated and i dont have any plugins activated.

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2 hours ago, Bambo said:

Pls add me on discord.


Hi Bambo.


The log doesnt say much, do  still need to use discord?


[D] 14:43:27.323 - [Fight] Player attacked by other unit, skip this fight.
14:43:28.138 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Son of Arugal (lvl 25)
[F] 14:43:29.123 - Fightclass successfully casted: Frostbolt()
[F] 14:43:29.123 - Iteration took 166ms
[F] 14:43:31.077 - Iteration took 421ms
[F] 14:43:31.407 - Iteration took 270ms
[F] 14:43:31.723 - Iteration took 253ms
[F] 14:43:31.971 - Fightclass successfully casted: Frostbolt()
[F] 14:43:31.971 - Iteration took 199ms
[D] 14:43:32.252 - [Fight] Fight stopped
14:43:32.353 - [Resurrect] Player dead
[N] 14:43:39.970 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from 516.1943 ; 1589.807 ; 127.5449 ; "None" to 476.229 ; 1595.9 ; 126.662 ; "None" (Azeroth)
[N] 14:43:39.971 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 10 (76.11734y, 0ms)
14:43:51.380 - [Resurrect] Player dead
14:44:02.626 - [Resurrect] Player retrieve corpse
14:44:02.731 - [Resurrect] Wait because resurrection sickness.

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So after Bambo kindly offered his help, it come to my attention that it was my quester profile that was amending this setting. So for anyone with a similar problem coming into this thread then this is the answer!

Thanks Bambo

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