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Group Healing (Vanilla 1.12)


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So I am done searching and rereading the same threads that are getting me no where.  I am starting to think this cannot be done via wrbot fight class creator and only via cs.

What I want, you would think would be simple.  When i set up to make it myself I thought I would spend 5min on it and be leveling.  I am so many hours deep into this I have to stop.  Roll up a blunt and ask the community.

All i want for now and I can grow it from there is for a priest to follow my warrior and do nothing except keep renew up every time it drops.  I dont want my dumbass priest to keep casting it over and over.  I dont want my priest to target a mob and run up to it and swing its mace like it loves to do and not heal anything.  Just follow.  Cast renew.  Thats it.  I am not a greedy man.  I dont even want it to bubble us.  I dont want it to cast any buffs or lesser heal when I am about to die.  NOTHING.  Just want it to cast renew properly.  

I am using the party plugin helper.  I read this was suppose to be my cure all to healing... NOT.   I have priest set to party and it follows my warrior just fine.  With in the party setting i have tried both healer and not healer. Doesnt matter what i pick it just doesnt do anything i want healing wise.  I have no problem getting the thing setup to keep itself alive and casting spells at the right time but I cant get it to look at my warrior and do the same.  The closest i get is setting up mysells conditions in a way that if i manually target the warrior the healing bot will cast a renew.   To be honest i have tried so many variations of conditons and settings and cant think of anything new to try.  I will attach the priest fighter class.  This is just the most recent setup attempt to get priest to cast renew.  I just wish their was an option for the priest to not target mob.  I mean it has no offensive spells loaded into fightclass so why does it think well then i best get over their and swing my mighty priest mace at that mob.???


Last run:  Using the below fightclass and with group healer role set and not set.  Either way.  The priest would renew itself at 100% health and then not turn its attention until end of fight after looting.  It would then cast renew on the warrior over nad over and over until he healed.  never bothers to caster lesser heal ever.   I have the option help group members on for both characters.

Healing Test.xml

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Probably doesn't work in xml. 

Modify the fightclass range to 60 yards or higher and it will never walk up to enemies. The party helper plugin actually makes wrobot pick a fight because that's what triggers rotations for the bot. I would recommend taking a look at the free resto shaman fightclass, changing some spell names in the rotation in c#and recompiling it in visual studio. 


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