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WRobot no longer works with TellMeWhen

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Hello, I was inactive for last 4 months, so I haven't touched my fightclasses/addons/wow settings for that time. The only thing that changed was WRobot.

I was using following code for over 3 months back then. It used to work flawlessly. Something changed during that time.

Each time I load any fightclass (I thought that's only related to my CS FC, but it's happening on all, even xml ones) I get following error:


Error occured in: AddOn: TellMeWhen
Count: 6
Message: Error: AddOn TellMeWhen attempted to call a forbidden function (AscendStop()) from a tainted execution path.

I have checked the TellMeWhen code - there is no such method ever used in, must be something new coming from Wrobot. It seems that last version I used and had it working was 2.0.1 (from logs).

Also: after more research it seems like bot is trying to execute all commands via that addon instead directly from the game, so far I got:

  • MoveBackwardStart()
  • MoveBackwardStop()
  • CastSpellByName()
  • RunMacroText()
  • AscendStop()
  • DescendStop()
  • MoveForwardStart()
  • MoveForwardStop()
  • ClearTarget()

I know, that I should be botting without addons, but this one adds a lot of custom code, that can be embed into fight classes (like accurate cooldown timing, better spell usability based on mana + cd, advanced spell interrupts).

If logs are needed - tell me, gonna PM you with such.

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If that's the only "solution" you can came with that spare it for yourself. I was playing this way for over 4-6 months and worked flawlessly. Also old version still works with adodns. 

I do not care about getting banned. I'm doing it purely for learning reasons. Since no one from stuff replied to that, old wrobot versions are officialy not available and stuff is not interested with any futher investigations I guess I'm going to let my sub expire and start using cracked version.

It's obviously a bug. 

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It's not a bug. wRobot executes Lua code in a secure environment, which no "addon" should be able to do. All addons can only execute codes through the macro API.
A more simple version of this used to be known as a Lua unlocker.

Now that servers found a way to execute code in your WoW client (like any abitrary Lua code they want), wRobot needs to intercept this to taint the environment again to prevent detection by the server (tainted = insecure). You can just execute Lua code from within wRobot, you don't need an addon to provide additional functionality (and if you need a helper function it provides, you can move that to the Lua code you execute within wRobot).

If you aren't interested in executing secure Lua code (just stuff an addon could do to begin with), you can use these options:

Lua.SecureLuaCall = false;
Lua.LuaDoString(string command, bool notInGameMode, bool ignoreSecureLuaCallOption);


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