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Using Mangle\Faerie Fire(Feral) in TBC


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Spells like Mangle(Cat), Faerie fire(feral) (also i heard of other spells with parenthesis  in it's name) isn't usable in TBC in usual way, so we forced to run it as macros or lua. Its not a big deal at all, but when it comes to make fightclasses, you can't use, for example, Mangle.KnownSpell and has to divide druid feral fc in pre-mangle fc and post-mangle fc, which is not very convenient. Droidz, if you can, please fix this issue.

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You can enter "Faerie Fire(Feral)()" as the name and it should work. I personally always substitute SpellManager.KnowSpell with an extension function in C#.

public static bool IsKnown(this Spell spell)
  return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>($"return GetSpellInfo('{spell.Name')");


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