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1-90 already there?


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1-90 already there?

I experienced Honorbuddy and think Wrobot is much more intuitive than the other, easier to configure and more accurate.
The only thing this is missing even the Quester. Even if it's in profiles 1-10, 10-20, 20-30 and around ... would be an enormous help if these profiles were created.
Works all the thousand wonders, is only missing the Quester :)



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Is it possible to copy/edit some profiles form other bots to work with Wrobot? or is there some law/Honor amongst botters with that?


It is Possible, You can Get Profiles From Honorbuddy and you can Get questin gDetails from Zygor guides, But you still have to


a) Go through their Profiles and Make Fixes/edits to the coding that is misconfigured. It does a good job but not 100%

b) You must go through, Get / Collect Hotpots and Questing Data for teh quests still.

c) You must go and get Enemy ID's, Trainer Id,s All ID's are not configured for this when you import a profile

d) You still have to go through and Blacklist Hotspots because 90% of the questing Profiles out their right now currently have bugs because people are trying to go for 1-90 full afk with Autoloading ( Which btw is a huge mistake, because your not going to want to try and bot from 40-70 without and consecutive breaks, So making profiles in sections and using them that way is alot safer in my honest opinion, But thats the way its working right now on other forums.



*I missed lots, To tired atm

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