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Bot stopping every 5 Meter´s


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Hey guys i have a little problem with my bot

I just wanted to start a hunter and had this little problem that he stopped every 5 Meters with a Class Profile and didn´t stopped without any class profile

so without an profil he´s walking normal.

i thought it was the Profile so i changed it with some other Profiles and yea the Problem was still there

any suggestions what i should do ?

Thank you in advance.

(and sorry for my poor english)

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Hi mate, I'm not 100% sure what you're talking about so can you confirm a few things?

What expansion are you playing on?
When you mean class profile are you talking about a FightClass?
What fightclass are you using? Your own or one from the downloads section?
What Product are you using? (grinder/quester/automation etc)
Are you using plugins? They can interfere with movement.

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3.3.5a Wotlk


From the Dowload section

Hunter [Marksman] [Leveling 1-80] [WotLK] - Dreamful.xml

Hunter - [Leveling 1-80] [Beast Mastery] | [Marksmanship] | [Fightclass] | [3.3.5a] 1.0.0

Those are the ones i used


No not at all

Well it´s only on my Hunter all the other classes are working perfectly

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5 minutes ago, Haven65 said:

Ahhh he´s trying to revive his Pet that has to be the problem.

So i have to wait till level 10 then i guess


Yes that's correct. You could however also edit the fightclass (using the fightclass editor) and add a condition on the revive pet spell to only be cast when you're above level 10. There are some tutorials on how to do this in the tutorial section eg. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3560-fight-class-tutorial-video/


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