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  1. Is there any way I can get the bot to perform a /reloadui after a taxi? Currently for me (on WOTLK), when the bot gets off a taxi, when it targets a mob it doesnt attack mobs (log window indicates it is spamming the first spell in the fight profile but it isnt doing it ingame...just stands there dieing). A /reloadui fixes this behaviour. Just wondering if there's anything I could put in the fight class or advanced options to perform this reload after getting off a taxi?
  2. Does Wrobot automatically use the highest ranked spell in a fight class profile? Eg. My mid 20s Warlock has Corruption listed 3 times when i choose a spell in the fight class editor (it doesn't appear to differentiate between the three but am guessing it's three different spell ranks) - If I write a profile using Corruption, warlock then levels and gets a new rank of Corruption, I then restart the same profile without editing it, will the warlock cast the newer and higher ranked Corruption?
  3. Any Additional C Code we could use in editor to move hunter back if target is not attacking me && target.distance <=5?
  4. Can anyone suggest some Additional C# code for a hunter to move back 5yds if he does not have aggro && target.distance <=5 yds? Would really appreciate it :)
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