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Pathing -How can we make it look less suspicious?


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Hi, I am wanting to buy this program but I am having a few issues that I'm not sure If I am just doing it wrong or if this is just how the bot works with no way of changing it.


Here are my troubles with the pathing:

  1. I think the turning mechanism looks extremely bottish, (it just immediately changes direction) - I would like it to turn using the (A/D keys type method) while moving forward. Is this possible?
  2. I also have issues where the bot will fight a mob, loot and then turn around 180 degrees and move to a previous coordinate and get to that cordinate and then turn around 180 degrees again to continue on the path, rather than skipping any previous coordinates and move directly to the next coordinate. Is there a way to correct this?
  3. I would like to know if there is a way to set the "distance from coordinate" so you don't have to be on top of the coordinate each loop you make, that you can be within a range of the coordinate before walking to the next coordinate.

Are there any advanced video tutorials on setting up paths? I saw a very basic one.


Thank you for your time.

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even with all plugins bot will be bot and good eye need seconds to see this i think most important is not plugins ( but yes they are good and better have them )

but route bot can be more human yes but better will be to not be visible use private profiles hidden places,yes its hard on big servers but no one say botting good botting is easy

like i see today 3 bots use same profile on feralas even if they are move action like human haha who the hell think they will survive,few hours all got ban


i see on this forum some people get more money from creating profiles instead of botting in game for me its funny:) if you want be good and have high chance to ding max lvl dont buy any grind routes 1/max   buy plugins like HMP or good FC or anything that make you more like human but never ever use public route and in public i mean buyable grind profiles also maybe except full random questing profiles.

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1 hour ago, pqs said:

What settings do you have smoothmove on for flying? I tried to get it to work but when it sees a node it flies away from it then stops working.

SmoothMove is good sometimes, but then other time it acts so retarded you would be better just using the normal bot, I've seen smoothmove do spins and back and fourth running, getting stuck on edges, but the settings I personally use for smoothmove, use keyboard OFF, and everything on and maxed up those are the best setting I could find but as I said they do fuck up now and again

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