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Wrobot for Pserver cost

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I cant figure out this, ive read that Wrobot cost like 2-3£ for Pservers/month, and when i got to store i cant find that. And why can i only buy 1 Session for a year and not per month like 10 sessions? Becaus why would i need 10 sessions? Is their no options for 1 Session/month ? 

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wRobot business model changed when retail servers were abandoned. If you want to run several sessions, the options are there. I think 22.99€ for a year (less than 2€ per month) for single botters is very fair. 

I understand why Droidz doesn't want smaller purchases than that to be possible. Most services charge a minimum fee to use them. So for example if he sold a month for 2 or 3€ of a single IP license, the 50 cents minimum fee PayPal charges would instantly cost him 25% of his turnover. Add taxes on top and it's just not worthwhile.

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