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Include ingame macros into Fightclass

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Hey guys,

im new to Wrobot and currently having fun exploring some of its features ?


Im trying to include my ingame macros into a fightclass. Is there any way to do this?

Some of them use data from various addons (such as swingtimers, combat log events, energy ticks etc.) to work properly.

I've been trying the macro section in the General Options. The "press all x seconds" option seems to be an integer, thus not allowing values <1.

Because Swingtimers change frequently due to proccs/WF, i would need the Combat Routine to spam the macro (at least once every 200ms) for a precise use.






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according to your link both should be fine, ID isnt working either.

[F] 18:41:01.996 - [FightClass] Launch LUA script: RunMacro(1)

uses the script, but does nothing ingame (apart from melee)

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 .. the macro itsself seemed to be the problem.


/script if not buffed("Moonfire", "Target") then CastSpellByName("Moonfire") end

for testing. removed the buffed function after disabling addons (since its a supermacro function) and used

/script CastSpellByName("Moonfire")

which still wouldnt work.

changed to

/cast Moonfire

and suddenly it does.


Tbh, im confused af .. shouldnt UseAction use the macro regardless of its contents??

All macros work when used manually - just the bot decides not to use those containing functions.

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buffed("Moonfire", "target") does not exist. You're trying to use some functions that are either PQR and not proper Lua or from within an addon that wRobot might not have access to
UseAction should use the macro regardless of its contents (but then throw an error, potentially).

Also what you're doing, starting with /script or /run are technically "macros" in that they execute Lua only after the "/run" portion.

Edit: After re-reading it seems that this might be due to wRobot's Lua protection (so it doesn't get caught for unlocking). Unsure why this would cause issues.

Edited by Matenia
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