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Hello, use wrobot for over year and all pretty good, but i found some problems while use it.

1. Need target Mana percent or mana point condition in fight Class. Cuz bot react on all casts like warrior slam etc. and this cast can't be kicked or catched in grounding totem. This simple condition help a lot in Fight class creation.

2.  Bot window Black when i use it on other PC and connect by TeamViewer (maybe i need to try other remote controll programms) 


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This is not normal, but it's hard to say there may be a lot of reason, but normally WRobot will sell to the "Repair" and "Vendor" (repair only to the "Repair"and buy only from the "Vendor").

Check your search radius, your blacklist, if your profile does not delete NPCs, if it is not disabled.

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