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The wrobot crashes with one of my characters

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So a few days ago I decided I would start using the Tracker to gather things and maybe even make a gatherer profile live on Northdale (Lightshope), I leveled my character up to a modest 10 and started at it. My computer crashed due to a driver issue that wasn't related to wrobot so I thought everything would be fine but now specifically on this character wrobot crashes every single time for me. It doesn't matter if I reinstall it, if I'm using the BETA files posted here on the forums, if I delete and install or update it to a different version then go back. 
This character crashes wrobot, only this character. 

It wouldn't be too much trouble for me to create another character and have a go but this sort of thing never happened before I used the Tracker, which makes me nervous. I'm currently using the beta files from the forums because that's the last thing I was trying. 

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It's worth noting that wrobot crashes before launching, seemingly when it attaches itself to the process. The problem is only current on the single character through. 

Edit: I'm going to try just getting a fresh client and seeing if that should fix the issue, I've been trying to avoid it but why not I guess. 

Update : Even with a different install of the world of warcraft 1.12 vanilla client sadly it didn't help the situation. Character still crashes wrobot lol. 

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Sure thing, here's the log. Wrobot attaches to the process fine and launches ok with every single other character I have pretty much. 

I wasn't aware of the location to get the log files before, because I'm a dummy. At least I know for the future.  I had opened it right when the log was sent, duplicating the crash. 

12 Mar 2019 17H45.log.html

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