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"NEED" to be able to replace Backstab infront of a target.


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Hey, alright - following on from this thread: 


My entire rotation is basically either really good or broken / doesn't work.


Bosses and trash mobs always spin around, and the second anything turns my way - the rotation breaks.


I need to be able to replace backstab with hemorrhage when infront of an enemy. No other spell, just hemorrhage.


This part of my priority list looks like this: -


Hemorrhage > This has a lot of conditions, but essentially just refreshes the bleed on the target when it runs out.

Backstab > My main CP builder, again with quite a few conditions.


I tried to have another Hemo below Backstab without any conditions = didn't work.

I've had Hemo with a variety of conditions = didn't work.


My backstab has this condition built in: (System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 0.35f)


Ideally I need to somehow make a version of Hemo that will go off once my character can no longer backstab (is infront of my target).


Once I fix this I can basically release my sub profile, which is as close to perfect as you'll get with this bot. There are issues with timings but the bot can't handle that or work out pooling, so there is some forced pooling but this creates other issues which I've worked around by making vanish manual (I'll explain this in more depth on the description when I release the profile).


Much appreciate any help / fixes to this.


I've attached a version of the profile so you can see it in action yourself. Remember for Sub you'll need 2 daggers.

Wayne - Sub With Vanish.xml

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