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C Sharp Code For Infront


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I'm looking for a similar version of this: -


(System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 0.35f)


that will check if you are infront.


It is strange, on a target dummy my rotation is perfect and yet when on an actual boss or trash target it stops back stabbing and resorts to something at the bottom of my priority list which is hemo spam, even when 100% behind targets.


So I'm looking for perhaps a version of the above code that has the angle for being infront? I've Googled Radians and such but I can't find any straight forward answer that will give me the number i.e. "<0.35f" that I am looking for.


This way I can attach it to the hemorrhage in question and solve this issue.

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