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Backstab Works On Dummy's But Not In Raid


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Apparently using my rotation on actual bosses / trash is a whole new thing. Finding more issues by the hour...


So, my Backstab condition works on target dummy's but refuses to work in a raid.


The ability is as follows: -



C Sharp Code: (System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 0.35f)

Buff: Shadow Dance > False

Buff: Stealth > False

Buff: Vanish > False

Is Spell Usable: Shadow Dance > False

Target Buff Casted By Me: Hemorrhage > True


I changed 'Check if know spell, is usable and good distance' to false in hopes it would work in a raid but it still won't.


All of the above conditions are met when it refuses to work - it literally doesn't cast a single backstab during fights.

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Okay I think it is to do with the hit box of the target being tempremental.


Back on a dummy after the raid, the rotation is flawless, backstab works.


HOWEVER... if I stand to the back and the side (but still behind as far as the game is concerned) it starts using hemo - either side, left or right.


At a guess "C Sharp Code: (System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 0.35f)" needs to account for 180 degrees behind the boss.


Any thoughts Droidz?

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Important Update: I had created my profile on a lower level raiding dummy. I decided to try and replicate the issue by using my profile on the raiding dummy of level '??'.


Guess what happens? None of my ambush or backstab abilities work. 


As soon as I attack one of the nearby lower level dummys my rotation starts to use backstab and ambush.


Thing is I don't have any 'target level' checks on these abilities...



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Update 2: I've found somewhat of a fix...


Basically I recreated the exact same spell as 'Hemorrhage', called it 'Sinister Strike' and set the 'Check if know spell, is usable and good distance' to true from false.


However we still need better detection whether we are behind or infront of the boss because at certain points / angles behind the boss it thinks you aren't behind which causes random hemorrhages.


So like I said above, what would be brilliant is a 180 check behind the boss whether its the above code, lua, c+ or a new condition. I just don't know the calculation or math to work that out sadly.


And vice versa a 180 check infront so that hemo will go off the instant you slightly go ahead of the boss by mistake, or too far to the side.


Also see:  - which is now more relevant than this thread, but I'll keep this open so you know the issues at hand.

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I've put your print code into my profile just now to watch it alongside my rotation, and it's only refusing to use backstab when the print says either 'no back' or 'no back and facing' otherwise it works, basically like the screenshots but I wanted to confirm it.


The only other important thing I noticed is sometimes when moving from the front of my target to the back it takes 5/10 seconds 'sometimes' to update to 'back and facing' from 'no back' or 'no back and facing' - which is another key problem.


I have to head out for now but I'll check back later.


Thanks for your patience - just trying to create the absolute best profile I can.

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0.35 radian is equal at 20 degree (left or right, therefore 40 degree).


for 180 degree (90 degree left and 90 degree right) try to use 1.57 radian.

(System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 1.57f)

The problem, this checking only if your character rotation is similary at target rotation (if you are before the target with similar rotation this works also).


You can try to add this C# code condtion for solve problem:

wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.IsFacing(ObjectManager.Me.Position, ObjectManager.Me.Rotation, ObjectManager.Target.Position, 1.57f)


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I don't quite understand what you mean with the second c# code or what it does but I'll try them out later. If you could try to explain what they do again that would be great.

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The first c# code checking if you rotation is similar at target rotation.
The second c# code checking if your character see (facing) target.
If you have similar rotation and the target is in facing you are behind the target.
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