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w.Manager - Target Position - Front Value


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This post is mainly aimed at Droidz unless someone else knows.


Recently you told me to use a second c sharp condition on my spells. This is: -


wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.IsFacing(ObjectManager.Me.Position, ObjectManager.Me.Rotation, ObjectManager.Target.Position, 1.57f)


I was wondering what the value would be to change that for abilities used from the front?


The code doesn't have any  '>' or '<' usage like '(System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 1.57f)'

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The function IsFacing return true or false (boolean) all calcul is in function.

Okay I can replace back stab conditions C sharp code wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.IsFacing(ObjectManager.Me.Position, ObjectManager.Me.Rotation, ObjectManager.Target.Position, 1.57f)

With is facing and use is facing on any abilities from the front then, so what is the purpose of the above C sharp code?

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IsFacing checking only if you facing your target (you can facing your target and your target can be in front or not of your character).
If you facing your target and you have same rotation, you are inevitably behind it.
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I still don't understand why I used the C sharp code for it though if there's an if facing.

I'll try is facing conditions on any of the problematic abilities, hopefully that will fix it.

I'm really not sure why 1.57f is still causing some issues with abilities sometimes being used at the front and back when they shouldn be, it's strange.

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