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shaman totems

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so recently i've been getting this error constantly:

[E] 12:19:10 - TotemTimeLeft(TotemType totemType): System.NotImplementedException: Totems.Totem.... not impremented in WRobot for 1.12.1
   at wManager.Wow.Helpers.Totems.TotemTimeLeft(TotemType totemType)

fightclass not for vanilla? it is in the vanilla section tho.

using the FC from vanbotter in one of the coments 

some help would be great ?

Shaman_Enh_lvling enhanced.xml

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Trying to use a TBC fightclass for vanilla (or a TBC method, I guess). Means Eeny didn't fully check that. But no need to create a thread, comment on the creator's thead, if he's still around he might bother fixing it.
There's no totem timers in vanilla anyway.

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