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After that Most Profiles Can be Joined into the Barrens at level 14 or 15, Just have all of them Auto Go there. Then From This point we Work on zones, And Take levels, As Groups.


So after level 15 in Barrens, someone will do 15- 30 . Someone else can do 30 - 40 and so on so fourth, Then we can autoload Profiles together.


Please use Zygor Guides and NO Heirloom Gear, Zygor atleast Gives Us a way to Work in zones. Then We have people working on certain areas from the guide, It gives us our start and stop points, our Beginning and Ending Quests to match up Profiles and Join them together, TO me it would and should work....


Saves Everyone here some time, As well as we should get someone on Droidz Side to help him out, I do have a level 70 Priest that may be able to help out there Droidz = P

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So if anyone else is going to be making any Horde Profiles, STOP AT THE FIRST QUEST IN THE CROSSROADS! ALL PROFILES CAN JOIN THERE OR AT THE LEVEL 13 STARTING AREA FOR ORC / Troll / You can take Undead and BE there, Same with tauren, Panda starts at 16, so we can have it start the Crossroads. Same with Goblin.

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