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In Tiefenheim go to town not possible


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whats the matter with "go to town" in Tiefenheim.

When bags are full bot dont goes to vendor and mailbox in tiefenheim from grind place.

He doesnt stop grinding when i push the button "got to town".

is it really not possible? What can i do, plz help me.

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Do you have Repair/vendor/mailbox in your profile or in NPC DB (tab "Tools")?

Hi Droidz,


in my profil see:

45294 Dugsley Tiefgräber -1 1052,99 ; 636,936 ; -45,87092 ; "Flying" 1052,99 636,936 -45,87092 True Neutral Repair





208256 Tragbarer Briefkasten der Forscherliga -1 1051,827 ; 637,2474 ; -46,08149 ; "None" 1051,827 637,2474 -46,08149 False Neutral Mailbox Deephome


see log:

16:40:22 - You have forcing bot at go to town.

16:40:22 - Mounting fly mount Schnelles Windross

16:40:27 - Player Attack Schieferhautbasilisk (lvl 83)

16:40:28 - Dismount

16:40:29 - Mounting gound mount Schneller Mondsäbler

16:40:34 - Dismount

[F] 16:40:35 - Cast Arkaner Schuss (Arcane Shot)

[F] 16:40:36 - Cast Kobraschuss (Cobra Shot)

[F] 16:40:37 - Cast Arkaner Schuss (Arcane Shot)

16:40:38 - Loot Schieferhautbasilisk

16:40:54 - Pause started


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Maybe you a special bag, i.e. a bag for herbalism,mining or engeniering, that is not full? In this case wrobot will find space (it not useable, but the bag is not full.)

i have no special bag on. But when i push the button from Tools/Other Tools/Go to town nothing happens.

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