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Trying to get some suggestions.  I have been botting on my character almost always supervised and today I got a whisper from a GM that said "HI" I responded quickly and the GM asked another simple question that I responded too.  I'm wondering what I should do now, should I not bot on this account for another 2-3 weeks? Or should I attempt to sell this character on Warmane, and start over with a new character?  Also maybe it was suspicious and looked at because it appears to be the peak time on warmanes information tab.

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I never botted on warmane but I have been confirmed by GM's on other servers that suspicous players get put on a "watch list", if they pass anti bot measures by any means. This means that overly motivated GMs will check players on that list from time to time, but I dont know if that is the case on Warmane.


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Is there any wrobot addin plugin for tbc that upon receiving whispe it responds stop for a few minutes and then immediately returns its wrobot activities?

if you have an addons to circumvent whispe please send me grateful

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