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Specific Dungeons LUA problems

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I'm trying to pick specific dungeons with a plugin I'm making and I've found these two Lua commands but I can't get either to work.

SetLFGDungeonEnabled and SetLFGDungeon which I found from several wow api sites and also from Druidz list of 3.3.5 lua list.

From what I've gathered SetLFGDungeon takes 1 parameter, SetLFGDungeon(dungID) and SetLFGDungeonEnabled(dungID, enabled)

Getting what the dungeon ID has been abit of a problem but by using GetLFGDungeonInfo(ID) i've found the heroic and normal versions of some dungeons I want to queue for. 

The problem is that I just can't get either of SetLFGDungeonEnabled or SetLFGDungeon to change any checkboxes in the specific dungeon tab. Any advice or pointers where to look? I could do a UI clicker to manually click the checkbox but I rather use the Lua commands that is available.



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