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Gatherer - Gets stuck and wont move


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While using Gatherer the bot will stuck after a few minutes. Seems like he's just trying to navigate to the point where he already is. 

Had that issue with three different profiles

Stop/Start the Bot will solve that problem, so it would be great if someone could create a plugin which Stop/Starts the bot after he wont leave a radius of 40yds for 3 minutes, which would also solve this problem 


Log is attached



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I have similar problem that cause my char caught and got banned by report. 

For information, randomize path config already disabled.

When the problem appears, i must press spacebar manually and it will fixed. However it makes me not feel safe mining and herbing by flying. I cant do nanny sitting bot all time.

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some new task that change bot route may cause this, like found new flight master



21:16:39 - [FlightMaster] Discovery new flightmaster Marvin Wobblesprocket
[N] 21:16:39 - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition: 5461,197 ; 4665,884 ; -111,7982 ; "Flying" strict = False
[N] 21:16:39 - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition result: Z = -132,0917 (88 ms)
[N] 21:16:39 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from 5461,197 ; 4665,884 ; -132,0917 ; "Flying" to 5505,6 ; 4745,33 ; -194,4334 ; "None" (Northrend)
[N] 21:16:39 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 25 (216,1418y, 48ms, smoothed)
[N] 21:16:55 - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition: 5537,401 ; 4705,57 ; -151,8994 ; "Flying" strict = False
[N] 21:16:55 - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition result: Z = -154,2216 (54 ms)
[N] 21:16:55 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from 5537,401 ; 4705,57 ; -154,2216 ; "Flying" to 5505,6 ; 4745,33 ; -194,4334 ; "None" (Northrend)
[N] 21:16:56 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 13 (82,31165y, 47ms, smoothed)


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