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Repeatedly Using a specific Skill/Macro

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Hi, I am looking to get the Wrobot to use certain skill on the action bar, or use certain macro, in one of the profiles (I don't know which one I should go for) with a cooldown specified by the user.


My intend is to use the macro of

/cast disenchant

/use [itemname]


to automatically disenchant the items that are crafted.


Is there any specific way of doing that? Or am I doomed to just keep pressing a button every few seconds?

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You might also want to look up Panda.
I spent way too long finding a way to DE everything in my bags.
It's not elegant, I know, but this addon + an auto-clicker and you're good to go.

(If you do manage to figure out the frame name that has to be clicked and make a macro instead of using the clicker, share the wealth ? )



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