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ok, the quest turn in for http://www.wowhead.com/quest=895/wanted-capn-garvey . problem is, he wont go inside the building to turn it in.  also, i get this error trying to do



ERROR: Object "Theramore Ammunition Stockpile" no found (object name has case sensitive).


i cannot proceed without this fix


also please check out

crossroads 10-.xml

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As well as seumas has an issue with his bot not going into the starting building to pick ip his quest objectives. 2 pieces he has to pick up for a quest. But it won't go into the chamber. Just goes overtop by a tree where the hotspot is set underground. Stands on the hotspot but overtop of it. So he can't grab because he has to get it underground and not on top lol. I said this very odd. Will touch up when I get home.

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