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Extracting time left on debuffs in 1.12.1


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Is it possible to obtain the time left for a debuff applied to a mob using Lua code (or other means) in vanilla 1.12.1?

I've found some conflicting information for UnitDebuff()

I am aware that the C# WRobot function BuffTimeLeft() is explicitly not supported in the 1.12.1 version.  However;  since the client displays debuff countdown timers on the debuff icons, that info is definitely encapsulated in the client.    Does any one have a method to extract it?



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Good 'ol wacky vanilla API.  I suppose the most reliable method would be to use an event handler to countdown time since the last application of the debuff.  I was wondering if you had a trick under your sleeve-- Thanks for the confirmation and the code example, Matenia.

Happy Festivus!

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