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Behind Issues / Broken Rotation


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Alright, I'm going to need help. I've been testing the new 'Is Behind' and thought it was brilliant only to find there's been some occasions where it's been worse, it is also random - it hasn't happened on the same targets so I decided to question my rotation again.


I have 2 CP building abilities.


They are Backstab and Hemorrhage (Sinister Strike to Wrobot).


Backstab is from behind.

Hemorrhage is from in front.


Backstab conditions: -


Buff > Name Shadow Dance > Need: False

Buff > Name Stealth > Need: False

Buff > Name Vanish > Need: False

Is Spell Usable > Shadow Dance > Need: False

Target Buff Casted By Me > Hemorrhage > Need: True

Is Behind > Value: True


and an lua script condition that reads: -


"local nameSpell = GetSpellInfo(114015);

local name, rank, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, unitCaster, isStealable, shouldConsolidate, spellId = UnitBuff("player", nameSpell);
ret = 0;
if count < 5 then ret = 1 end"
It casts under 5 anticipation, pretty simple.
I then have a Sinister Strike (Hemorrhage remember) with the following conditions: -
Combo Point > Type: Smaller > Value: 5
Is Behind > Value: False
I have set 'Check if know spell, is usable and good distance' to False for Sinister Strike in case it was causing issues but this hasn't fixed anything. 
I thought the problem could be that my Backstab condition checking for "Target Buff Casted By Me > Hemorrhage > Need: True" could be the problem so I've tried setting Hemorrhage to 'Sinister Strike'.
If you're wondering, Hemorrhage leaves a bleed, called the same thing so I assumed it could also be called Sinister Strike.
None of these have fixed the issue.
Any ideas? It still tries to backstab sometimes when it shouldn't, sometimes it uses Sinister Strike/Hemo from behind despite being told not to.
The rotation is attached, so you can have a look in the editor yourself if you wish.
Kinda getting fed up with this now.

Wayne - Sub With Vanish ANTICIPATION 4.8.2.xml

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If it helps I also have a duplicate copy of backstab directly below it in the spell rotation order.


The only difference in this is that the 'lua script' to check if anticipatino stacks are < 5 is replaced by a combo points condition, also checking for < 5.

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I mean, am I supposed to refer to Hemorrhage as 'Sinister Strike' when trying to identify a debuff (bleed) on my target. There are several issues at hand, things I am uncertain of but even then - I have tried almost every possible combination of things to fix these issues but they still persist, even with the new 'Is Behind'

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Error is related to 'Is Behind' here's one screenshot example. It is at this moment my rotation resorts to Hemorrhage.


It started off using backstab from behind to, but as the fight went on it started giving bad readings like this.


It happens on various other fights as well.


See PM.

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