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Assistance Required (Basic heal rotation)


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Hey all, been using the bot for a while now and using mainly stuff you guys have uploaded paid and free ?

Wanted to try creating something myself using the fight class editor, i managed to make some offensive rotations, but im struggling to make a rotation that will heal myself at a certain HP percentage, 

So for druid resto i tried to make my Healing touch cast when my HPS fall below 40%

I got the spell spamming me ok, but once i added the health points percentage condition he did nothing, 

Any advise would be good, i basically want to just stand back rotate through targets and cast my heals on them if they are at a certain percentage health, is this possible using the editor?


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Heal fightclasses won't really work with the fightclass editor as far as I remember.
You can take a look here and modify one with C# - source code should be attached:


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Was also wondering is there anyway to make a fightclass that will switch target to another player if you start to be attacked in pvp or if you scan other players in area to pvp over npcs?


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