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guys I want to know something about wrobot im new to this community ;) I downloaed the free trial and I like it very much, but I want to know certain things befor buying full version.::


is the trial version all there is available? awell in the full version  ( like classes which u can put in and the farming guides ? I don't see leather farming and stuff its all very minimum  is the trial version just limited and provides the full version complete packages? and if so what will be added aswell in the full version what the trial dousnt have?


kind regards

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The bot is still new, we are trying to create profiles and classes everyday. It all just takes a while. It's definatley not instant.. I wish it were that way. I am currently making questing profiles and will soon start on gathering and professions.. but its hard to work when I run out of account time haha. I'm hoping droidz will set up the option for donations. Would be to help the developers and main staff to get things done a bit faster. Time is money.

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