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How to force wrobot to use waypoints when dead if there is no corpse?


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So the problem I am having is that i am using a quester dungeon profile to farm a certain raid and to get out I kill myself.
Now to the issue; while being dead this raid doesn't give me an actual corpse to have as an "hotspot" when spawning at the spirit healer to go to.
It just stands there spamming [Resurrect] Player dead in the log and looking for a corpse to go to. 

I don't want to use spirit healer and get ressickness, is there anyway to overwrite the program from only trying to stand and ress?
Can I use quester and make a run-code and force my characters to specific vectors somehow? 
Or can I override this with an plugin or is there any other easy fix for this?

Easiest way to solve this for me would be able to cancel the [Resurrect] Player dead (spam) and just record waypoints to follow back into the
raid instance somehow.

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On 4/28/2020 at 4:13 PM, Droidz said:

Hello, you need to use C#, you need to change path position: 


Hey! Can you show an example of this code in its finished form for dummies? :) I can’t understand how it works, very poor knowledge in C #. For a long time I would like to replace the entry points into the dungeon generated by the robot with the ones I need... Thanks in advance.

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