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Skipping quests


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Hello there, I try describe problem how i can,hope my writing will be understandable,  english is not my home language:D

When bot can't pick up quest, he write log like "[Quester] He's trying to pickup quest XXXX for more than 120 secondes, go to next step (if you get this problem again, you can disable profile step '123'."
I play on server where gm's constantly working on, fixing one quest, broke several others.

Problem is : When i start\stop bot, he tries to pick up such quests again, and if there are many of them, that can take pretty long.

What I want : when bot fails to pick up such quest, he disable that quest for that certain character not only for this session, but forever for this profile(by disabling profile step, or somehow blacklist it).

If someone can help me with code that do it that if its possible, or even Droidz wish to add this feature in future, thats be fantastic.

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As i said gm's constantly working on, fixing one quest, broke several others. For example, one profile have 40 quests, one day 30 of them can picked up, second day half of them, third day all of them works. Remove quests is not an option. I look for code like:


if (Log.Contains("you can disable profile step'"))


int step = wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.QuesterCurrentContext.CurrentStep ;



Is that possible to do?

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