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Big problems with gatherer (obvious bot)


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1st issue for me:

When my bot is going towards a herb and there is a mob behind me chasing me, I am faster than the mob... So the problem is, my bot reach the herb, dismount, then it turns around so quickly and runs a big distance back to the mob to kill it. This is very obvious bot behavior because normal players ignore mob > herb first > kill the mob if they are still in combat OR kill mob first before reaching the herb.


2nd issue for me:

the bot is following the path I created, then it notices a herb on the side, it grab the herb and then runs in a straight line back where my path was, then takes a sharp turn either left or right to continue the route. This is very obvious! no normal human goes back to where they were.
Also, sometimes it pick up a herb, then it runs 20 yards straight, then turns around and runs back to reach the path recorded, then takes a sharp turn to continue the route.

I wish the bot can ignore the original path and generate a new path to continue the route instead of running in straight lines and taking sharp turns.

Red color is bot path/behavior.
Blue is normal people (suggested)

Example 240489832_Gathererissue.thumb.jpg.57981130c5b9214d214617e05af62a53.jpg

3rd issue for me:

Sometimes there is a herb infront of me in a straight line, but the bot takes a strange path. 100% obvious its a bot.

Red color is bot path/behavior.
Blue is normal people (suggested)

Example: 1703473769_Pathingissue.thumb.jpg.a8390e5770567d325ff3676edd34e404.jpg


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About first, you can disable option ignore fight when mounted (or use caster). Normally wrobot ignore mobs if they are far away, but finding the right distance is complicated

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