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Manipulations in character selection menu


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I need help resolving a few issues.

1) How can I delete a character using a robot?

Click this button, paste string "delete", => if okey:isenable then click okay

I think it should be like what api should be used, can anyone know?



I think it’s not difficult, a couple of clicks and paste the desired text, I just don’t know what the frames are called in the menu so that and where to find it api


How can I, being in Logout, select the character I need?


Is it possible to create a new character with random nickname?




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1 hour ago, Matenia said:

Extract GlueXML from your client's MPQ find out what everything is called and then use those names.


Thanks for the answer, I extracted this document and found the name of the button, but how do I activate it?  "CharacterSelectDeleteButton". I tried to use Lua.LuaDoString("CharacterSelectDeleteButton:Click()") in dev tools but nothing

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15 minutes ago, Matenia said:

Это должно работать. Lua.LuaDoString принимает некоторые дополнительные аргументы, такие как «notInGame» или что-то в этом роде, так что, возможно, попробуйте те



You are the best! It work's)

Lua.LuaDoString("CharacterSelectDeleteButton:Click();", true);


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