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wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.IgnoreServerRoadsWater - how does this option work? If anyone knows, please explain in more detail, I still can’t understand why the bot goes across the sea to the vendor/repair instead of going on the ground. Maybe this will help somehow...

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I personally never look at this code before, i thought wrobot didnt have a way to detect if someone is on water or not. from what ive found out using Vs it is a boolen (true\false)

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if you disable this option, server will return the shortest path, if you enable this option server will try to use road (even if path is longer) (if continent have recorded road, it is case only for mains continents, and currently no water recorded)

You can add water yourself, for that add blacklisted zone and change typearea to POLYAREA_WATER

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first sry i write here i am noob so i see admin post here and i hope a fast answer...

it is possible to have a 1 mounth or 2 subscription ? i dont want for 1 year because i dont know how much time i will play and for 1 year is allot of money in my country

and i want to if is possible to have some profiles for grind to start because the bot have only fight class (vanilla)

i play in a personal offline server

thx very much have a nice day and sry for my bad english

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