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Relogger dont close wow window


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Hi everyone, I have such a question, the Close Wow and bot function when one of the two is closed is set in the reloger, but when the Run Time function time is over, only the bot window is closed. How to fix this so that the bot window and the game window are closed after the expiration of the working time ? @Droidz

I attach a screenshot of the settings of the relogger to the post.

bandicam 2020-06-26 07-55-24-132.jpg

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19 minutes ago, pudge said:


You can add Wait task after Run



you need to turn off


and maybee turn off image.png.45901734c839fb52271aaecf46c2b530.png


or set the value to Run time in wait task 99999 


Ok thank you i will try
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