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TBC Buff/debuff information

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Hello, I have written a C# Fight Class for Warlock and it works very well, the only problem I'm having is that I can't seem to differentiate between MY dots and someone else's... I can see in the dev tools when I click target debuff items, that the Owner of ALL buffs is 0, it doesn't seem to track the casting player's ID at all - is this just not working in TBC? Thanks! See below for data from dev window:

TARGET Buff/Debuff:

Track Humanoids: ID=19883, Stack=1, TimeLeft=0 ms, Owner=0
: ID=34084, Stack=1, TimeLeft=0 ms, Owner=0
Siphon Life: ID=30911, Stack=1, TimeLeft=26427 ms, Owner=0
Shadow Embrace: ID=32386, Stack=1, TimeLeft=0 ms, Owner=0
Death Coil: ID=27223, Stack=1, TimeLeft=2394 ms, Owner=0
Corruption: ID=27216, Stack=1, TimeLeft=17697 ms, Owner=0


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